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South Florida’s Preferred Stucco and Plastering Company



Elegant. Classic. Traditional. These words commonly describe this aesthetic. If you have the perfect design plan to reinvigorate your home or business, our team will implement it. Progressive Plastering & Painting has served the community in South Florida for many years. Our contractors and design team is revered for their excellence and attention to detail.

Amazingly durable and weather resistant, stucco is a popular choice among South Floridians. Unlike wood, stucco is waterproof. Additionally, it’s low-maintenance, fire resistant, long-lasting and versatile.

Paint & Coating

When it comes luxury exterior painting and coating, our contractors have the skill and expertise to ensure that your high-rise, condo building, or home is protected and looking beautiful. Specializing in an array of finishes, our team will present you with options, helping you choose the perfect finish. Call us for a consultation.

Stone & Precast Cladding 

Stone Cladding is a sure-fire way to spark visual interest in your property. Affordable and low maintenance, stone and precast cladding maintains a level sophistication no matter what the architectural style. It's an excellent choice for an interior and exterior redesign for both residential and commercial properties. It's easy to install with a variety of options to choose from. Call us for a consultation.

Commercial & Residential

We’ve been servicing commercial and residential properties throughout South Florida for many years. From exterior painting and coating to finishes to waterproofing, Progressive Plastering & Painting has established and maintained relationships since we opened our doors. We believe working together will achieve the best outcome. Give us a call if you have any questions, or if you’d like a personal consultation.


Waterproofing is important, especially in South Florida, where extreme weather is commonplace. The threat of hurricanes, pop-up thunderstorms, torrential rainstorms and more can cause significant damage to your property. Our contractors will make sure that you’re protected. Call us for all of your waterproofing needs. You can count on Progressive Plastering, Inc.

Sto Products

Sto products provide building technology solutions for construction projects, maintenance and restoration. As professional contractors, material integrity is vital. In other words, we want to use the best materials the industry has to offer. Sto products are safe, durable and environmentally safe. Whether it’s commercial or residential work, restoration or construction, we choose Sto to complete our projects.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams is known for having an array of colors to fit your needs. With vibrant hues and a smooth finish, each coat is better than the first. Its easy application makes it the most-requested brand among our clients and preferred among our contractor.